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"Born Consultants is a Designated Cisco SMB Select Partner"



Site is under redesign, please call for latest offerings and info. 1-708-932-9797

We offer 99 percent of the IT services imaginable, and make the ones that aren't. We have specialized staff in each area, to ensure the best results. In addition, ownership of other Incorporations, allows us to manage everything for you, without all the middle men, saving time and money!

Other companies, which are under same ownership, include: ACME Internet Services, LLC, ACME Web hosting, and of course Born Consultants. All of which offer a variety of services, from the home users needs, to corporate needs. Here at Born Consultants, the best of the best are locked up for all your needs.

We have full control to several servers in different data centers, to meet any hosting needs you could imagine. In addition we offer various templates, to personalized coding for the web, or in house applications, and can even host an ASP for you. We have staff across the country, and have a set of experts that travel on a regular basis, insuring you get the best of the bunch. Or biggest alliance is with Cisco and Microsoft, and we all know the great solutions they provide. Currently we have great unique solutions w/ VoIP and Wifi, try finding these packages anywhere else!

Rest assured our top level consultants are all certified, and have years of experience in the field. We have worked extensively with Microsoft solutions, as well as Linux, Cisco, and other big names. And can help decide which will fit your needs with the best ROI.

Aside from the ownership of interlinked companies, which save you time and money, they, also allow for us to bend the rules for you, and keep your bills centralized not to mention minimized. We have many affiliates and stand by our slogan “You tell us, we make it happen!”

If you have a special request, don't hesitate to contact us, for B2B, advertising, reseller’s info, and anything else contact Jacob McMaster, as we are here to make anything possible!